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Motivational, self-help, Life-Coaching advice and encouragement for aging well, finding purpose, and being fabulous in your 50s, 60s…and beyond!

Are you finding aging to be more challenging than you expected?

Join the club.

Really, nothing can prepare you for ‘that moment’: you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and don’t recognize who it is, or you go on Skype for the first time and jump in horror (it’s the camera, I promise), or you realize you prefer an evening in with the cat and Netflix rather than a night out on the town —you know, that moment. It’s different for everyone.

And all those major life changes and transitions that are coming thick and fast at the same time—retirement, relocation, divorce, empty nest, financial issues—can throw you off your game and leave you wondering—what’s next? Is that all there is? 

Good news! Help is at hand!

Only just now

…you’re on the couch where you’ve been a little too long, checking email (yet again), clicking onto Facebook for the umpteenth time (there’s always something new on there), and browsing through online news. Too busy to deal with this right now.

Take a deep breath. It’s all OK. You don’t need drugs and you really don’t want a facelift. You just want some motivation! A kickstart! A fresh outlook! A way of handling this rising panic…

You have some terrific ideas about what to do with your life, but your internet and/or Netflix habit is getting in the way….

Most of all, you want your life to work!

And you’re determined; you want to age well—gorgeous, healthy, energetic, fabulous— admired and envied by one and all for how well you are handling growing older. Yes indeed! You can have this!

Especially relevant, you want this to be the best time of your life. As it should be and as it can be.

Doing it your way.

If this rings a bell, this website could be for you. Turn off those email and Facebook alerts for a moment and have a look…

Rebellious Aging is all about Life-Coaching specifically tailored for you at this time of your life.

You will find new ways to

  • Find your voice, buck the system that makes you feel old, and enjoy your life.
  • Take a cattle prod to your stuck state and get motivated again
  • Finally discover something that fills you with purpose—open that dog rescue center, get that online business up and running, finally sign up for that charity you feel passionate about and gives you confidence
  • Most importantly, get your internet/Netflix/TV addiction under control and get off the couch.

So I invite you to join me now at this great time of life! Take a look at my blogs, self-help books, life-coaching, and motivational workshops.

I hope it all will inspire and encourage you to be fabulous. That’s what Rebellious Aging is all about.

“The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice: it’s conformity.”

(Jim Hightower)

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