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Motivational, Self-Help, Life-Coaching advice and encouragement for aging well, finding purpose, and feeling great about life in your 50s, 60s…

and beyond!


Hello, I’m Margaret Nash and Welcome to Life-Coaching for the Life-Long Seeker!


Are you finding getting older to be more challenging than you expected?


Are major life changes and transitions coming thick and fast—retirement, relocation, divorce, empty nest, financial issues—and throwing you off your game? And has your self-confidence taken a hit and left you feeling a bit fearful about what’s next?


All the advice in the world can’t prepare you for the confusion and frustration as you try to get your life back on track and reconnect with that ambitious, adventurous, and courageous person you used to be—before all this aging stuff happened.


Are you with me?


As Confucius once said, “Aging ain’t for sissies!” (It may have been Einstein, or the Dalai Lama.)


I’m guessing you are like me, a life-long Seeker/Searcher, Hippie at Heart, Adventurous Spirit?


Then I imagine you are open to new ideas, willing to try new stuff, and in general pretty darn fearless.




Good news! Help is at hand!


Only just now, you’re on the couch where you’ve been a little too long, checking email (yet again), clicking onto Facebook for the umpteenth time (there’s always something new on there), and browsing through online news…


  1. Deep breath. You don’t need drugs and you don’t want therapy.


Instead, you may be a retired Boomer, or working from home, and you are ROUTINE CHALLENGED: you frequently procrastinate and get paralyzed with laziness at times. You have some terrific ideas about what to do with your life, but your internet and/or Netflix habit is getting in the way….


You want your life to work. And you need to work. You’re determined. Only right now it’s not going to plan. You want to age well—gorgeous, healthy, energetic, admired and envied by one and all for how well you are handling getting older. You want to be in financial peace, which has been eluding you. Until now.


And you want this to be the best time of your life. As it should be! As it can be!


If this rings a bell, this website could be for you. Ignore those email and Facebook alerts for a moment and have a look…


You will find new ways to

  • Take a cattle prod to your stuckness and get productive again
  • Find something you really enjoy doing—open that dog rescue center, get that online business up and running, finally sign up for that charity you feel passionate about—something purposeful
  • Get your internet/Netflix/TV addiction under control
  • Age with attitude, get that fun-sounding project off the ground… and get motoring!


It’s yours for the taking. And as Gandhi once said —“because you’re worth it!”

(Wait, was that L’Oreal?)



“Feed with fury,


Burn your life famously!

Then run like the wind

For the hills of Elysium.


Too often

We choose instead

To become lulled,

To forget life shrinks or expands

In relation to courage shown…”

(Scott Hastie)




So join me now on this courageous journey of aging well. What a great time of life! Take a look at my blogs, my self-help books, my life-coaching, and motivational workshops. I hope they will inspire and encourage you to be fabulous.


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