Are you an old hippie at heart?

Skeptical, rebellious, fiercely independent … and a little weird?

If so, this website could be for you. It offers practical, easy to grasp, self-help advice and life coaching tips … from one old hippie to another. Please read on…

Hi. When I was going through my fifteenth mid-life crisis—you know, the usual for our age group—divorce, relocation, crushing financial disaster due to my own lack of discipline, empty nest blues, strange health concerns, my life generally falling apart in other words—I wanted help!

I was terrified of being bankrupt, paralyzed with indecision about what to do next, undergoing a huge identity crisis, and didn’t have a clue where to turn to for advice on how to get my life back on track. I was also mortifyingly embarrassed to be in this situation.

But I’m a cheapskate and oh so reluctant to fork out loads of cash on therapists or psychologists without being sure it will help. The skeptic rebel in me always thinks I’m brighter, know more, and have a better handle on my own stuff than anyone else.

I wanted to do it myself.

However, after 10,000 seminars, workshops, personal development books, various gurus and certifications in everything from Reiki to EFT, and still no joy, I eventually broke down and hired a life coach. I’m really glad I did. It saved me a ton of time and aggro. I’m now relatively sane, pretty darn healthy, reasonably settled, and cantankerously, annoyingly, content.

You don’t have to take the decade it took me to get motoring again.

What’s on offer here is mostly free self-help advice, techniques, and immediately usable life coaching processes—shortened, condensed, easy to understand— gleaned from my own experience of what works and what doesn’t.

All thoroughly researched and scientifically tested of course—on my long-suffering family, friends, and unsuspecting clients. 😉

It’s all about surviving those transition blues, coping with retirement, aging, and other changes that seem to hit all once, and figuring out what to do with your time. Which you know is limited! There, I said it. The gorilla sitting in the corner.

I absolutely love this stuff. All of it is geared towards self-help. It’s empowering and you can use it again and again as you continue to screw things up. No one has to know you’re a mess. Just pull out that book and do what it says.

Find your groove and age like a Rebel.

Here you will find blogs, books, and workshops held in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,san miguel crop home 400 on surviving transitions and deciding what you want from life, right here, right now. You know, manifesting, Law of Attraction, finding life purpose. All those new agey theories you are skeptical about but find kind of intriguing.

If you really want to go ahead and dish out some money, I also do Personal Coaching—here in San Miguel, or by email or Skype if you’re somewhere else.

I hate the phone and look awful on Skype, so will do it sans video so I don’t have to put on makeup, and neither will you.

I’m reasonably priced and really good at what I do. My family and friends will swear to it.

So join me if any of this rings a bell with you. Check out my free hypnosis audio. All I need is your email: I promise I won’t spam you because I’m much too lazy to write often.

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